It is our strategic approach to accept only projects that does not go beyond our financial capabilities. To circumvent from the adversity, we opt to consolidate with other companies as a joint venture or as a subcontractor. Our company stands proud and confident with the help of our financial partner – THE NATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANK.

All financial data is stated in Saudi Riyals. Al Baraka Construction Co. Ltd. will comply with bonding requirement for:

  1. Advanced payment bond
  2. Performance bond

Monetary value of contracts is to be undertaken competitively, and a performance bond can be obtained from our bankers if required.

Type of Ownership: Limited Liability

Auditors: (to whom it reference can be made over last 5 years) 2012

Omar S. Saaty

Certified Public Accountant

Sitheen Street, Jeddah

Authorized Capital: 2 million Saudi Riyals

Issued and Paid-up Capital: 2 million Saudi Riyals


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